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Blaise Mautin: I love toys and always will («Блэз Мотан: Я люблю игрушки – и всегда буду»)


Эксклюзивное интервью с известным французским парфюмером Блэзом Мотаном (Blaise Mautin). Оригинальный текст интервью представлен на английском языке.

Self-taught and atypical perfume designer Blaise Mautin creates near the Champs elysees in Paris. For each of his customers Blaise Mautin tries to understand and interpret with his essential oils a client's most intimate and secret dreams to create an exclusive scent.

- Nowadays toys are a frequent present not only for children but for adults also. What do you think, why adults present toys to adults?

- I believe that adults who like toys are big children like me. I love toys and always will.

- When you choose a toy as a present to anybody how you make this choice, what helps you to choose the right toy for a particular person?

- If I buy a toy for an adult I always try to adjust the toy that I buy with the personality of the person I will give the toy to, as I always say we are all unique.

- Which toy was your beloved one during your childhood? Have you kept any of your toys from childhood?

- When I was a kid I loved little cars and Goldorak figurines. Unfortunately I did not keep any of my toys from that period with me.

- The world-famous toy store Nain Bleu in Paris operates since 1836, do you think it has changed significantly since that time? Today, it is the last remaining manufacturer of soft toys that are made entirely in France, do you think it is important to preserve this?

- Toys industry has considerably changed since 1836 indeed. At that time children did not have television computers and electronic games and that is a big change because nowadays television impact on kids is very important and kids desire go more and more into electronic rather than toys. That is one of the reasons why it was more and more difficult to find craft man into the toy industry when I was working at the Nain Bleu in the early 1990’s. I believe today it is even harder.

As a famous fashion designer says «never regret the past but look into the future always» – I agree with this advice. We all have to go with a flow even if we don’t feel like it.

- I know that toys partly inspired you to begin to create perfumes. Could you please tell this story?

- I was working as a doorman in the most luxurious Nain Bleu in Paris. I saw a limousine stopped in front of the toy store and I saw then a little girl getting out of the car with her grandfather followed. I open the door and just behind me in the store we had huge boxes full of toys and costumes. The little girl got closer to them, her grandfather followed and asked:

– Do you like this box?

– Oh, yes! – the little girl replied.

– Would you like to have it?

– Yes, it would be great!

– What colour would you like to have?

– Hum, I would to have them all!

The grandfather turned around and said to the shop director: «Please, I want them all».

This reminded me about the time when I was a kid. My grandmother used to take my sister and me to the store to visit our grandaunt who lived just above the Nain Bleu store on Sundays and my family let us play with the toys with our nurse during lunch. I remember my grandmother used to wear a divine perfume.

When I saw this little girl having so much fun that day with her grandfather, it reminded me about my own childhood and made me think like a vision that it could be great if we could offer that little girl a perfume to make her remember how much lucky she is to be so much loved. A perfume, you shall never forget.

My vocation of being a perfume designer started that exact day and I never let it go since.

- In one of the articles I read you quotation, that a perfume is probably the best way to create a magical memory. Apart from perfumes what helps you to create memories maybe you like to take photographs or keep a diary?

- I love photograph and all forms of Art. Art and artist are my life and my central interest.

- What do you think, why memories are important?

- Memories make you cleaver – you learn not to make the same mistake twice. Memories for humanity are essentials.

- Memories take us on a «virtual tour» to our past and dreams take us on a «virtual tour» to our future. Do you think you can create perfumes that would be anchored with dreams?

- I believe this will be the dream of all perfumers!

- What is the most difficult in your work?

- To make other people happy.

- What is the most exciting in your work?

- To seduce people.

- What would you like to wish our project ToysLife.Ru?

- Full of success and happiness.

Visit here for more information about Blaise Mautin http://blaisemautin.com/

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